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Short Term Goals

1. Create ministry website.  Status:  Completed and redesigned as of March 2021.

2. Produce inspirational videos for recovering addicts and their families and

    publish on website and social media.  Status:  Video publication began in July 2018.


3. Open a residential recovery home for men in Evans, Georgia. 

     Status:  We currently have 5 homes, but would like to double that by 2024.

4. Raise money to sustain residential recovery home, fund needs-based scholarships,        and fund long-term goals. 

    Status:  First fundraising campaigns kicking off in July and August 2018.

Long Term


    It has been an amazing journey since we’ve started the ministry. So many men's lives have been changed and with that it has changed the future, by changing the direction of the families and everyone around them.

    It is our mission to always have an available bed for someone that is serious and willing to surrender to Gods will in their lives. Currently we have 5 houses, but would like to double that by 2024, by either building our own facility, or branching out to another church if God makes a way.

    Over the next 10 years, we believe Prodigal Ministries could have a fully functional detox center, rehabilitation facility and of course, enough sober living residences to house as many Prodigal men or women that wanna come back home. We are completely open to any changes that God wants to make and ask that anyone reading this could pray for His direction, Strength and provisions to take on this giant in front of us.

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